Indie Update – Life Binder

Update on the production of Life Binder with Terrell Sandefur, Executive Producer.

Tell us a little about your production…

Life Binder is a coming-of-age short film that journeys through the loss of a rock band member to an opioid overdose.

Why do you feel this story needs to be told?

We’ve all been touched by the opioid crisis whether we know it or not. The problem is people aren’t talking about personal losses. The shame is to blame for family members not opening up about what happened and that is not helping deal with the epidemic. Our hope is that this film will start an honest conversation. And in a small way, help to combat the crisis. 

Who are a few of the key players on your production team and what makes them awesome?

Our writer/director is Sara Bess Ferreira. Life Binder is inspired by a personal loss she experienced. She’s passionate about the telling this story, and I’m fueled by that passion along with my own experiences of loosing people to this epidemic. 

Sidarth Kantemneni is an award-winning cinematographer. He has a style that is unique and perfectly suited for this story. I’m excited to be working with him on this film. 

My entry into the independent film world began in 2005 when I helped launch the Macon Film Festival. Over the years, I have seen countless indie films. I would consider myself to be a real tough critic with higher standards than most. I think that will only help to improve our film. 

As a unit, why is this team perfect to make this film come to life?

We all have the desire and drive to make this film something wonderful. I think that their style & substance, combined with my extensive experience in the indie film world will prove to be a winning combo. We are each approaching the project from different angles which I believe will be a very good thing. 

What’s a unique element of your production that you can’t wait for audiences to experience?

This is an Atlanta story. The film is an homage to the Atlanta indie music scene. All of our locations are in Atlanta, so I think it will resonate with local audiences. The director has a very specific look she’s going for and I’ll say that it is very cool. True film fans, regardless of location, will appreciate that. And the topic knows no regional boundaries – it’s a story that is taking place in every neighborhood in the country right now.  

Share with us a challenge your production has overcome thus far that you’re particularly proud of…

Putting on my producer’s hat, I’ll say that raising money to fund indie projects is always the biggest challenge. For this project specifically, I’ve done more pre-production promotion than I’ve done for any other project and it’s paid off. We are funded and really to shoot. 

What’s the current status of your production and what are you actively doing to take the production to the next stage?

We begin filming on August 9th. I’m not anticipating a long time in post. Moonshine Post will be doing our post-production, so the final product is going to rock! We want Life Binder to do a film festival run, so expect to see it starting in 2020. 

Why did you choose Georgia as the location for this project?

I’m from Georgia. Everyone on the team lives in Georgia. This is an Atlanta story. We wouldn’t consider filming this anywhere else.

What have been some pros and cons of doing this producing in Georgia?  

Pros: We have a ton of local talent, incredible locations, so many great local stories and local storytellers. 

Con: It’s going to be Hot as ever-living Hell in August while we are filming! 

What advice would you give to other filmmakers based off what you’ve experienced so far on this particular project?

Find your tribe. Create win/win relationships. If you succeed, your tribe will work together on multiple projects.

What can our community help you with?

Follow our journey on social media and support us at your local film festival. 

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