Spotlight On – Chloe Keiffer

Interview with Georgia actor and casting director – Chloe Keiffer:

How long have you been working in film and how did you get your start?

That could be a long winded answer so I’ll make it brief! I started in the acting industry when I was a child. I grew up in FL and was fortunate to book a lot of commercials and print jobs. I continued to pursue acting throughout college and moved to LA which lead me to London and then I studied a specific style of acting with a teacher back in FL for a few years and that’s where I really got to understand the entertainment biz in the southeast. 

You’ve lived and worked in New York, LA, London and Atlanta. How does working in Atlanta compare to those three other entertainment cities? 

Honestly, it’s not that different but IMO it’s better. Atlanta has a community of filmmakers and actors who thrive on helping each other. It’s a really special thing and you see it more when you live here and are totally immersed. I know at one point people used to associate NY and LA as being the entertainment capitals but Atlanta is definitely capitalizing. Actors are moving here from all over the world and the talent that are ‘local’ are thriving. With the resources available actors are upping their game and working on their craft and skills to be the best. Atlanta actors are not hobby driven. This is their career and they work so hard to create their own opportunities. It’s definitely not ‘beginners luck’ here in the southeast. It’s years and years of preparation and now the brilliant results. Filmmakers are respecting this market and allowing actors to work on huge projects as leads and other individuals are making their own content that are breaking ground in film festivals. The Atlanta film festival has become recognized now. We are all making it happen here. 

Share with us your thoughts on the Atlanta acting scene. What is the city doing right and what can we work on to take Atlanta based actors to the next level?

I think what we are doing right is we are creating our own content which is producing local film companies. Like I said, it’s all about the opportunities. We have the resources here and all the capabilities to make original content … Great actors, awesome crew and casting, and talented writers. I think we just need to keep building the film community here by holding more and more networking events. If we stay involved, help each other and don’t sit back, it will take us all to the next level. Wouldn’t it be great if we became THE city known to help our fellow artists?     

Do you see yourself staying in Atlanta or eventually moving out for a different film city, and why?

I’m staying put. I have met and worked with some of the most incredible artists in this community. The generosity in our community is a reason anyone should want to stay here. I am blown away by the many times I hear-I would love to help you or share with me immediate suggestions that make me say ‘wow, thank you so much’.  Sure, we all travel to other locations for work but this city is home. I love it here. 

Tell us about your recent decision to start a background casting company…what is your motivation?

I got the idea a few years ago when I realized I also had an eye for casting after assisting a few casting directors in FL and NY. I have spent countless hours on set, worked for Showtime in NY for a few years and I understand what makes a project successful and all the parts that have to come together. Now, the parts that come together can take a long time so I wanted to figure out if there was something that could make casting more efficient for production. How can we cast more projects here in a short amount of time or multiple projects at once and not double book. Thanks to chance and a fellow Atlanta casting director, I was introduced to the creator of an exciting platform called RoleCall. We had a similar vision and paired together. I created Elevate Casting.

How do you think your experience as an actor will help you with your casting approach?

I feel as though I have a good understanding of what production is looking for and having worked in this industry for a long time, I don’t take things personally. I’ve learned to keep it moving and let go. You have to in this biz. 

What are a few things you see Atlanta actors doing that you think keep them from getting booked?

You have to keep training and study. Get into a class and work. I was in an ongoing class in New York and series regulars were in class studying and always working on new scenes. Make sure you know how to audition. Take on camera and scene study classes with teachers from schools like Drama Inc. They work consistently in this industry. They know what they are talking about. Amazing people. 

When do you think, if ever, we’ll start to see more Atlanta actors booked for lead and staring roles in mainstream film and tv?

It’s already happening 🙂

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